ONU has many students’ hostels in different parts of the city. International students are mostly settled in the Hostel complex on Dovzhenko St., which is close to the sea shore and in 2 minutes walking distance from the Romance-Germanic Faculty, Philological Faculty, Faculty of Law and Economics, Institute of Social Sciences, Biological and Geographical Faculties.

The rooms are simple and contain only the bare essentials for everyday living for young students. For students disposal there are double-quadruple rooms.

The price is approximately 25 USD per month

(price as of 25.11.2019)

In order to stay in a hostel, foreign students should:

  • Step 1. Inform us about your will to stay in our campus, apply to the Institute of International Education, address: 7 Mayakovsky lane, office 5.
  • Step 2. Get the reside accommodation referral for the Hostel.
  • Step 3. Contact the administration of Campus with your accommodation referral (address 9-V Dovzhenko St, Odessa, Hostel № 8).
  • Step 4. Carry out payment for accommodation at the Hostel cash desk.
  • Step 5. Submit the results of X-ray screening and medical certificate from University medical center.
  • Step 6. Sign an Agreement for accommodation in Campus (issued directly in the Hostel).